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In accordance with our development philosophy, Central PA Elite is an AAU Club designed to facilitate the academic and social development of student-athletes.
Purpose: The purpose of the Central PA Elite Most Improved Student Award recognition program is designed to increase self-esteem, motivate student-athletes to continue on a positive path, and recognize those student-athletes who have overcome challenging obstacles and made significant academic and social or behavioral turnarounds in their lives.
Requirements: In order to be eligible, student-athletes must have: (1) showed substantial improvement in their academic record by raising their grade point average from the first half of the academic year to the second half; and (2) showed excellent progress in his/her social behavior (i.e. cooperation with teachers and peers) and general attitude.
Selection Process: A parent or legal guardian must submit a one-page nomination and a verification form by June 29, 2018. The nomination and verification form can be sent via email to
Nature of the Award:  Qualifying student athletes will be recognized at the end of the 2018 AAU season. These student-athletes will be given a CPE Most Improved Student Award, and their names will appear on the CPE website.

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Central PA Elite is a student athlete-centered organization that is focused on developing young athletes into successful students, effective citizens that contribute to society, and high level basketball players.

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